Welcome to Seekers!

This organization, started years ago by the Women’s Ministry (NAWM), is designed for 9-12-year-old youths. In this age range, they are reaching a critical stage in making decisions that will affect their future. The Christian atmosphere in Seekers is just what they need to help in their journey. While weekly Sabbath school instruction provides Bible study for young people to grow in their faith, Seekers provides Christ-centered activities to fulfill their needs.

Publications (Bible Advocate Press) wants your family and church to benefit from the Seekers’ Bible-centered lessons. All documents are free for you to download and print. The only cost is for badges, patches, and backpacks, if you choose to use them. Please call the BAP at 303-452-7973 for more information.   You can order the materials online at

The Leadership Manual contains all the information needed to establish a Seekers program. Focusing on the Bible, young people will learn about God’s plan of salvation and develop Christian attitudes and skills. They will also be involved in various activities, including worship, games, outings, and earning badges.

The Seekers Path booklet should be given to each young person in the program. It contains the requirements for the youth to become an official Seeker.



Seekers offers Achievement Badges, giving young people a wide variety of achievement areas to choose from. Each area will increase the Seeker’s knowledge of practical skills and biblical teachings. Once a Seeker fulfills the requirements for an achievement badge, they will be given that badge to wear on their vest. The badge booklets containing the requirements for each badge can be downloaded using these links: