Kids’ Corner


CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to become involved in an exciting organization – the SEEKERS. It’s a challenging organization designed for 9-12 year-old youths.

“Why do we need such an organization,” you say? Boys and girls at this age are reaching a critical stage in making decisions which will affect their future. Surrounding them in a Christian atmosphere and helping them develop mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually will directly influence their decisions. Attending Sabbath School provides good weekly Bible instruction. This allows for Bible study and fellowship 52 days a year, but what about the remaining 313 days? With the busy life that the average family lives today, family worship is becoming less regular. Boys and girls with time, energy, and enthusiasm are looking for activities to fulfill their needs. Seekers


Bible Ideas For Kids – Ideas Bíblicas para Niños

Bible Ideas For Kids (BIFK) is a new original series from the Bible Advocate Press that teaches children important biblical truths in a simple and fun way. The first two booklets in the series cover Church of God (Seventh Day) distinctive doctrines on Sabbath and the Birth of Christ. These are designed to encourage our children to put their trust in Jesus and obey His Word in their daily lives. BIFK