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401E — Fall 2022

The Promise of a Savior

Students will learn that because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden, all people have a sinful nature and need a Savior. God promised a Savior who would pay for the penalty of sin and provide forgiveness and salvation. These lessons begin with the promise of a Savior, recount Jesus’ birth and childhood, and end with His baptism and temptation in the wilderness.

402E — Winter 2023

Jesus’ Ministry

The students will learn what the Bible tells about Jesus: why He came, what He taught, how He cared for people, and why it is important to accept Him. These lessons cover key stories from the Gospels such as Jesus’ meeting with Nicodemus, His healing of ten lepers, and His parable of the Sower.

403E — Spring 2023

Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

The students will learn about the unforgettable events that occurred in the few days just before Jesus’ crucifixion, as well as what followed. These lessons start with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and include important information about the Passover meal, the institution of the Lord’s Supper, the unlawful trial and crucifixion, the triumphant resurrection, Jesus’ instructions for the disciples, and His return to heaven.

404E — Summer 2023

God Gave the Ten Commandments

The students will learn that when we disobey God’s will and laws we commit sin; that Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins; and that God gave the Ten Commandments as our basic moral law. The first three lessons explain the meaning, origin, and consequences of sin. Lesson four explains that God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. The rest of the lessons are devoted to explaining God’s moral law for humanity, the Ten Commandments, and the importance of obeying God’s law.

405E — Fall 2020

The Bible and the Beginning

The students will learn that the Bible is God’s own Word, given to people through men He selected and inspired to write His Word. Several lessons explain how the Bible came into being, its purpose and content, and how it came to us. One lesson talks about our indescribable God and Creator who provided for us the Bible — His eternal Word.

406E — Winter 2021

The Early Church Begins

The students will learn that Jesus had taught His disciples before He went back to heaven, so they were prepared to teach the gospel to others. The Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and believers so they would have the power and Helper to share the gospel. The lessons begin with Jesus’ ascension and His instructions to the disciples to remain in Jerusalem for a time. Other lessons include stories about the rapid growth of the Church, miracles performed by the disciples, how the believers shared, the persecution and dispersion of the believers, Saul’s conversion, Peter’s vision, and Cornelius becomes a Christian.

407E — Spring 2021

Paul’s Missionary Journeys

The students will learn that God had told the people of Israel hundreds of years earlier that He would send a Savior to bring salvation. Paul and his companions took that gospel message to many parts of the Roman Empire. The first four lessons correspond with the season: prophecies of Jesus’ first coming, Jesus’ mission, the Lord’s Supper, and Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. The majority of the lessons are about the three missionary journeys of Paul and his companions, and their determination to share the gospel message under very try­ing circumstances.

408E — Summer 2021

The Sermon on the Mount

The students will learn that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave a great overview and summary about what a life as a follower of Christ should be like. It is a life directed by internal motivation, rather than by outward works for show. It is a life that is influenced by the Holy Spirit, rather than by the letter of the law. These lessons cover highlights of Jesus’ most famous sermon recorded in the Bible.

409E — Fall 2021

Parables Jesus Told

The students will examine some of Jesus’ parables to learn about some very valuable spiritual truths. They will go beyond simply listening to good stories to actually allowing the parables to influence their lives in positive ways. Some of the parables covered are: The Hidden Treasure, The Wise and Foolish Virgins, and The Lost Son.

410E — Winter 2022

The Fruit of the Spirit

The students will learn that when Jesus left His disciples to go back to His Father in heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to take His place in the lives of the disciples. The Holy Spirit came to teach, com­fort, and guide the disciples. These lessons focus on the virtues contained in the fruit brought into the lives of believers by the Holy Spirit.

411E — Spring 2022

The Armor of God

Students will learn of the necessity for Jesus to come to earth to become a sacrifice to pay for the sins of humanity. Individuals who commit their lives to Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior become aware that Satan is their enemy. They must put on the armor of God for protection against the spiritual warfare that Satan directs against them. The first four lessons review how important it was for Jesus to come to earth to bring salvation to humanity. The remaining lessons are about Paul’s admonition to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20).

412E — Summer 2022

Living Wisely

The students will learn that on our own we cannot live in ways that please and honor God. We must study God’s Word and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand what the Word tells us. The Psalms and Proverbs contain much wisdom and encouragement that help us grow in Christ. The first three lessons are based on the inspirational writing of some psalms. The rest of the lessons draw from some of the wise teachings of Solomon in Proverbs: recognizing who God is, learning to depend on Him, submitting our hearts to God, etc.